Additional Rubber Mulch Uses and Applications

Additional Rubber Mulch Uses / Applications

Rubber Mulch is a versatile material with a broad number of applications. In addition to installations as a landscaping material and playground safety surface, our customers have discovered various innovative ways to use GroundSmart Rubber Mulch, including:

Dog Park and Pet Area Surfacing

Recycled Rubber Chips are an excellent surface option for Dog Parks and Public Pet Areas. In addition to the time and costs associated with yearly re-surfacing, Rubber Surfacing discourages insect and other pest infestion, does not freeze, and will not decompose, wash or blow away. Colors are backed by a 12-year warranty and will not stain clothes, skin or fur, even in the rain.

Rubber Mulch is a safe, clean, non-toxic, odor free material that lasts longer and is more durbale than other materials used in pet areas. It has been tested by the EPA and is safe for humans and animals. You can even earn LEED building credits for your Pet Park. Options range from basic uncoated rubber chips, to bright, vibrant, long-lasting colors (red, green, blue, black and brown). Save time and money by choosing a low maintenance solution that will increase the beauty, efficiency and safety of your indoor or outdoor Dog Park or Pet Area.

Training Courses

Rubber Mulch is an excellent choice as a safety surface for military, police, athletic and other training courses, ropes courses, climbing walls and combat training pits. Highly rated for impact attenuation and shock absorbency, Rubber Mulch has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of training injuries – both impact and stress related.

Durable and slip-resistant, Rubber Mulch is made to last for years of rigorous training and activity. Rubber Mulch is a safe, clean, non-toxic, odor free material made from recycled rubber tires that will not decompose, compress, freeze, harbor rodents or other pests, blow or wash away.

As safety surfacing, a 6-inch layer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch will cushion a fall from as high as 16 feet. It is EPA-Tested, IPEMA-Certified, and is ADA-Approved for Wheelchair Accessibility.

Set and Stage Dressing

As Seen on TV

Rubber Mulch on TV - Sanctuary SyfyWhen the SyFy Channel Television show Sanctuary was looking for a clean, interesting cave floor surface for its Season 4 Episode “The Depths” (scheduled to air December 16th, 2011), they chose Red Rubber Mulch.

On Stage

Rubber Mulch on Stage - Silent Night Stage DressingFor their production of Silent Night in the Fall of 2011, the Minnesota Opera needed to fill an on-stage grave site with a material that would look like fresh dirt, but wouldn’t stain the actors or costumes.

“The rubber mulch was a good solution for us. We used it to fill a stage grave, and we didn’t want anything organic that would smell or stain. We mixed a variety of colors so it would work with the production.” – Kevin Ramach, production director.

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