Playground Rubber Mulch

Playground Rubber Mulch

Red Rubber Mulch Playground Safety Surface Cedar GroundSmartSmarter Playgrounds from the ground up … GroundSmart Playground Rubber Mulch makes playgrounds and play areas safer by providing superior head impact protection and ADA-qualified wheelchair accessibility.

Falls and accidents will happen on playgrounds. It’s part of having fun. As parents and care givers we cannot always be there to catch our children, which is why it is so important to create the safest possible playground safety surface.  When properly installed and maintained to a six inch depth, GroundSmart Rubber Mulch is IPEMA certified to provide up to 16 feet of critical fall height protection per ASTMF1292-04.  What this means to our children is that the risk of a critical brain injury from falling from as high as 16 feet is minimal when landing on rubber mulch.

IPEMA Certified Rubber Mulch

When compared with other playground safety surfaces, the same depth of recycled rubber mulch will cushion a child’s fall better from 8 to 12 feet than grass, dirt, engineered wood fiber (wood mulch), rubber tiles or poured in place surfaces. Rubber Mulch is the perfect choice as a safety surface for your home playground, school playground, municipal playground or private playground.

Our 12 year Color Lock Guarantee ensures that GroundSmart Rubber Mulch will look fresh year after year.  Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds is nontoxic and non-staining – the color will not rub off on children or pets, even in the rain. Plus, it is clean, minimizes airborne dust and particles, and will not result in painful splinters like wood mulch.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch is ready to play when you are, providing all-season head impact protection while suppressing weeds and discouraging pests.

GroundSmartTM Playground Safety Surface Mulch

Playground Rubber Mulch Safety SurfaceHow to use: Spread 6 inches deep. Check depth annually to ensure proper mulch depth of 6 inches is maintained. Add additional mulch if necessary.

Where to Use: Throughout entire play area. Ensure a minimum 6 foot safety zone around all play structures.

Where Not to Use: On Playground equipment. Use as playground safety surface only.

Why to Use:

  • IPEMA certified to provide up to 16’ of fall height protection per ASTM F1292-09 at a 6” compacted depth
  • Saves time and money by eliminating annual mulching
  • Prevents weeds
  • 12 year color-lock guarantee
  • Up to 2X coverage per cu ft vs wood mulch
  • Resists rodent infestation
  • Does not float or blow away
  • Will not rot
  • No mold, fungus or mildew
  • Wheel chair accessible per ASTM F1951-99


When to Use: Anytime.

  • Brian Kelly

    What is your recomended depth of this mulch?

    • GroundSmart

      Brian, here some general depth recommendations for various uses:
      1.5″ – Landscaping
      2.0″ – Landscaping
      3.0″ – Landscaping
      4.0″ – Playgrounds (10′ Fall Height Rating)
      6.0″ – Playgrounds (16′ Fall Height Rating)

      This info can be found on our Rubber Mulch Calculator page, which will also help you get pricing and configuration options.

  • art

    i just need a p/u load. Where can I get it locally?

  • Katrine

    What do you need to put under the mulch for a playground? Does it go right over the dirt? I’m going to use it at 4″ deep. Thanx

    • GroundSmart

      It can go right over the dirt, or you can put a weed barrier down first. There is nothing you need to put down under the mulch for safety purposes, though.

  • paul

    what do you use to bond the rubber together and is it safe to use.

    • GroundSmart

      Our products are loose-fill, so the nuggets are not bonded together at all.

  • Karen

    I would like to use the mulch in a sandbox for children to dig for dinosaur fossils etc. what do you think a good depth would be? Also, are all your mulch products safe for clothing?

    • GroundSmart

      A depth of 4-6 inches should be adequate. Our colors are checmically bonded to the nuggets and do not bleed or stain, even in the rain.

  • becky

    What do I do if it has faded?

    • GroundSmart

      We received your contact form regarding this issue. A customer service representative will contact you shortly to discuss options and next steps.

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