Rubber Mulch Product List

GroundSmartTM Rubber Mulch Product List

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch is the smart choice for all your landscape and play areas. It smart because it does not attract insects, saves you time and money, helps prevent weeds and comes with our exclusive 12 years Color-Lock™ guarantee. GroundSmart™ also provides one of the safest play area surfaces by delivering up to 16 ft of critical fall height protection. You can learn more about the 5 colors of rubber mulch we offer below, find a store near you, or place a bulk order from our online store.


Red Rubber Mulch Cedar Bag Package

GroundSmart Cedar Red Rubber Mulch

Cedar Red Rubber Mulch is our most popular color. The natural look of GroundSmart™ Cedar Red Rubber Mulch has made it a favorite for use in both landscapes and play areas, especially with homeowners in the south.

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Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch Bag Package

GroundSmart Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch

Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch is one of our most popular and versatile colors. GroundSmart™ Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch is color matched to brown wood mulch and bark mulch creating a warm, natural look that makes it a favorite with homeowners and landscapers.

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Black Rubber Mulch Espresso Bag Package GroundSmart

GroundSmart Espresso Black Rubber Mulch

Espresso Black Rubber Mulch is ideal for those who prefer the dark, nutrient-rich look of fresh topsoil. GroundSmart™ Espresso Black Rubber Mulch will keep that look all year long. The sophisticated look of Black Mulch is a favorite of landscape architects, playground designers and homeowners looking for a modern aesthetic.

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Green Rubber Mulch Bag Package

GroundSmart Green Rubber Mulch

Green Rubber Mulch is a great color for those who desire a fun, natural grass or turf look throughout their play areas or landscapes.

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Blue Rubber Mulch Bag Package

GroundSmart Blue Rubber Mulch

Blue Rubber Mulch is the top color choice with kids for use in play areas. It is also frequently used as an accent to create a water or aquatic look in landscapes.

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