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Synthetic Turf Infill

Synthetic Turf InfillGroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill enhances player performance and increases player safety. When combined with a quality synthetic turf, GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill fields are designed to outperform natural grass fields.

GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill adds cushioning and springiness to protect athletes. Surfaces made from GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill dry quickly, drain excess moisture, reduce dust and mud, and minimize freezing. Rain or shine, a field comprised of GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill is always ready for action.

Whether you’re playing a football, lacrosse or soccer game, better games are played on fields with GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill. GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill is the smart, sustainable, economical solution.

Product Benefits

Synthetic Turf Infill

  • Improves player traction
  • Creates safer play environments by reducing injuries to the play surface
  • Supports a longer-lasting, costive effective play surface
  • Year-round playability
  • Saves time and money
  • Less maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Saves water, by eliminates the need for watering
  • Eliminates the need for fertilizers, insect controls, fungicides and other turf management products
  • Does not attract harmful insects
  • Does not rot or grow mold or fungi
  • Does not freeze in cold temperatures
  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Wire-Free
  • Contaminant-Free
  • Non toxic
GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill is available in the follow colors and sizes:

Uncoated Rubber Mulch

Product particles are approximately 10:20 mesh in size.

Available Sizes: 2,000 lbs. super sack

  • What is GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill?
  • GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill is a recycled rubber used on turf fields throughout the world. GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill gives turf fields greater buoyancy, flexibility and creates a playing surface that can be used and maintained for decades.
  • What is the source of GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill?
  • GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill, also called “Crumb Rubber”, is produced from recycled tire rubber after a thorough process by which the tire steel and cords are removed and the rubber is transformed into a safe infill product.
  • Is GroundSmart Synthetic Turf Infill safe?
  • Yes, crumb rubber has been safely utilized since being introduced in 1997, and in playgrounds and tracks for much longer. This resilient material provides enhanced durability and safety. Its use in synthetic turf sports fields and landscape has also kept more than 105 million used tires out of landfills. Crumb rubber has been critically examined and studied since the late 1980’s. Science has proven it to be safe for children and people of all ages.



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