Bulk Order GroundSmart Rubber Mulch

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch offers bulk ordering options and delivers stylish solutions for all of your playground, landscaping, or large project needs.

Cedar Red
Cedar Red Rubber Mulch
Mocha Brown
Mocha Brown Rubber Mulch
Espresso Black
Espresso Black Rubber Mulch
Blue Rubber Mulch
Green Rubber Mulch

Bulk Rubber Mulch Ordering Made Easy

We’ll handle the details for you

GroundSmart offers a couple of bulk rubber mulch options for large projects.  We have a Bulk Bag that covers 76.9 cu. ft per sack and a full pallet of 98 individual bags that cover 0.8 cu. ft. a piece. Both options are ideal for creating a safe surface for playgrounds, training courses, or climbing walls and is a beautiful solution for landscaping or gardens around your home or business.

You can use our handy Rubber Mulch Coverage Calculator if you need to calculate coverage and depth. It is recommended that if your project will require three or more Bulk Bags or Pallets you should contact us to get a customized quote for your project and take advantage of volume discounts. We take care of the shipping, you just need to confirm the time and date for curbside delivery.

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