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GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch offers bulk options and delivers stylish solutions for playground, landscaping, or large project needs.

Bulk Rubber Mulch

We’ll handle the details for you

GroundSmart® offers bulk rubber mulch options for large projects. Rubber Mulch ideal for creating a safe surface for playgrounds, training courses, or climbing walls and is a beautiful solution for landscaping or gardens around your home or business.

You can use our handy Rubber Mulch Coverage Calculator if you need to calculate coverage and depth. It is recommended that if your project will require a large amount you should contact us to get a customized quote for your project.

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What to do when your bulk mulch order arrives:

STEP 1: Determine how to move the mulch

We will handle all of the shipping details, you just need to arrange the delivery date with the delivery service. Bulk Bags require a forklift which can be rented. Poly bags can be moved in the same way, or can also be disassembled from the pallet and moved by wheel barrow or by truck bed.

STEP 2: Prepare to receive the delivery

Expect the mulch to be delivered curbside on wooden pallets.

STEP 3: Transfer mulch to installation location

Be sure to follow all safety precautions and don’t exceed maximum load weight for your equipment.

STEP 4: Install and spread the mulch

Bulk Bags can be turned on their side to release the contents,  or use separate wheel barrow loads to spread it further. Poly bags can be opened and distributed individually. Use a sturdy garden rake to evenly spread the mulch.

Bulk Rubber Mulch is Perfect For:


bulk rubber mulch for playgrounds


bulk rubber mulch for landscapes edging

Climbing Walls

bulk rubber mulch for training courses

Contact Us to get solutions for these large scale bulk rubber mulch orders