Rubber Mulch Coverage Calculator

How Much Mulch do I need?

GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch has put together a convenient and easy to use coverage calculator. Simply input your projects details into the calculator and we’ll give you product recommendations based on your calculated cubic footage, as well as exclusive offers just for you.

How to Measure for Mulch

The best rule of thumb when it comes to measuring how much mulch you need for your project is to break your project surface into rectangles. Once broken up into rectangles, you will need to calculate the square footage by multiplying the length (L) x width (W) = Total square feet (SQFT). For example, let’s say that area you want to cover is 17’ by 6’. This would equate to 17’ (L) x 6’ (W) = 102 SQFT.

Here is a visual representation on how we recommend breaking down your space and calculating the total square footage.

If math isn’t your thing, we’ve made it easier than ever for you with our rubber mulch calculator! Just select your planned usage, your applied depth, and enter your site dimensions (length and width). Once your information is imputed, GroundSmart® Rubber will calculate the amount of mulch required for your project along with product recommendations and exclusive offers

Coverage Calculator

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How Deep Should Mulch Be?

Different surfaces account for different depths of mulch. At GroundSmart Rubber Mulch, here are the depth measurements that we recommend to our customers:

Landscaping→ 1.5″ – 2″ Installation Depth

Proper mulching is critical to maintaining a healthy landscape. Not only does rubber mulch add beauty, color and texture to a landscape, it also helps control weeds, reduce water evaporation and moderate soil temperatures. It is important not to pile on too much because of the risk of suffocating and killing off your desired plants.

Residential Playgrounds→ 4″ – 5″ Installation Depth*

When it comes to residential playground applications, a 4” – 5” installation depth is typical based on the average height of residential playground equipment. 4” installation depth provides up to 10’ critical fall height protection and a 5” installation depth provides up to 12’ critical fall height protection.

Commercial Playgrounds→ 5″ – 6″ Installation Depth*

According to the American Society for Testing Materials or ASTM, the standard for fall protection on commercial playgrounds is 5” – 6” depth throughout the entire play area depending on the height of the playground equipment. 5” installation depth provides up to 12’ critical fall height protection and a 6” installation depth provides up to 16’ critical fall height protection.

*compacted installation depths

Our mulch calculator is the perfect tool to finding out how much rubber mulch you need. Simply input your projects measurements, including your desired depth, and it will calculate the amount of mulch needed.

Why Should I Order In Bulk?

For projects that require large amounts of rubber mulch, we have you covered. For bulk purchases, GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch offers 75 cu ft super sacks, 1.5 cu ft bags with 50 bags per pallet (also 75 cu ft), and 1.5 cu ft bags with 25 bags per pallet (37.5 cu ft). Use our mulch calculator to see if your project would benefit from ordering in bulk.

Why Rubber Mulch?

GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch is a proven smart choice time and time again. It provides up to a 73% savings versus wood mulch in landscapes over a twelve year period. GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch eliminates the need for annual maintenance in playgrounds and landscapes helping you save both time and money. Let us help you kick start your project needs with our mulch calculator tool.