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Best Mulch for Park Playgrounds

Rubber Mulch for Park Playgrounds The month of July is National Parks and Recreation Month! This month we’re paying an ode to the parks that make our time outdoors fun, joyous, and full of excitement. Unfortunately, an injury occurring on a park playground can put a stop to the fun right away. [...]

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Best Mulch for Playgrounds

Playground Safety Starts from the Ground UP! Safety is the top concern when it comes to children and playgrounds and it always starts from the ground up. A playground surface should always: Be safe enough to prevent critical brain injuries if a child should fall Promote safe play Reduce general injuries It might [...]

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Playground Winter Safety and Maintenance Tips

During the winter, playgrounds with wood mulch surfaces should be checked frequently by parks and recreation departments, schools and municipalities. If the surfacing is frozen, use of the playground should be restricted accordingly. It is the only way to ensure that kids are kept safe and protected from injuries that are the result of falling on a frozen wood mulch surface. Read Top Tips for Winter Playground Safety and Maintenance with GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch as a safety surface.

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Improving Playground Safety

Whether concerned with impact absorption, cost, durability or environmental effect, rubber mulch provides more benefits than any other playground surface material. Although sometimes not the cheapest to initially install, due to the sustainability of the materials and the safety functions, rubber mulch practically pays for itself in the long run while ensuring everyone that plays on the playground is protected from serious injuries.

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New Video Sets the Record Straight on Artificial Turf and Crumb Rubber

“The Truth About Artificial Turf and Crumb Rubber” Features Parent, Coach, and Scientific Perspectives on the Safety of Turf and Recycled RubberNEW YORK – February 2, 2016 – Today, the artificial turf and recycled rubber industries released a video entitled “The Truth About Artificial Turf and Crumb Rubber” to educate decision-makers, coaches, parents, and the [...]

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Get Rubber Mulch in Bulk – It’s Easy with GroundSmart™

Buying GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch in bulk has never been easier!   Why buy in bulk? Buying GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch in bulk is the most convenient and time-saving way to complete larger projects like playgrounds, training courses, or landscaping. Our customers choose to purchase rubber mulch in bulk for the easy curbside delivery; rather than trying to load [...]

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Volunteers band together to rebuild a local Dallas playground

A southern Dallas County community was full of activity last Sunday, as the final efforts of volunteers laying down rubber mulch were completed. Recently, GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch was part of a community project in a joint effort with the Dallas Stars Foundation and Child’s Play, Inc. to build a brand-new playground for the Youth World [...]

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