Training Course Rubber Mulch

Highest Safety Standards • Durable & Cost-Effective Surfacing

Use Rubber Mulch for a Smarter & Safer Training Course

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch is an innovative & eco-friendly ground cover product

Training Surface Applications
  • Obstacle Course Safety Surfacing

  • Climbing Wall Safety Surfacing

  • Ropes Course Safety Surfacing

  • Fitness Course Safety Surfacing

  • Police Training Course Safety Surfacing

  • Military Training Course Safety Surfacing

When it’s time to train, you need a training surface you can count on and one that’s as tough as the people training on it. Rubber mulch is the smart choice for all obstacle course, ropes course, and combat training course safety surfacing. Not only does rubber mulch help improve training safety, it’s more durable, cost-effective, maintenance free, and eco-friendly that other safety surfacing materials. A training surface material like rubber mulch can greatly reduce any injuries your participants might sustain.

Unlike wood mulch/chips, pea gravel, and sand, rubber mulch does not turn into a compacted or hard surface with frequent use. It won’t blow away in high winds or float away during big rain storms either, and stays in place to keep your trainee safe. Rubber mulch helps cushion falls it provides 2.5 times more fall protection than grass, dirt, sand, pea gravel, engineered wood fiber (EWF), and wood mulch.