Dinosaurs Unearthed roars to life with Rubberific Mulch!

IMC Outdoor Living, formerly International Mulch Company, has been laying the groundwork for some dinosaur knowledge and excitement since Dinosaurs Unearthed started using our realistically-textured, Rubberific Mulch in their traveling exhibitions. Dinosaurs Unearthed’s newest exhibition in Orlando focuses on dinosaur battles ‎- who fought who - all based on fossil evidence. The exhibition not only [...]

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Watering 101 for your vegetable garden

The summer heat is still upon us for many. As weather goes, some areas of the country have received too much rain, but for more than 50 percent of the states there is some degree of drought conditions they must contend with. So, with Mother Nature not lending a helping hand it is time to [...]

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Cool down by turning up the heat on recycling

It gets pretty warm and humid where I live. I was out walking the dog a few nights ago and heard a conversation that went like this…”seems like it is getting warmer earlier and earlier each year”…”must be global warming”. The two people having the conversation sort of laughed it off and went on doing [...]

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Fade to black…or in this case grey…

This year my new neighbor decided to get an early jump on the landscaping season and installed his dark brown wood mulch in early April. For the first few months everything looked just great, but then the typical spring rains followed by weeks of 90 degree sunny and something changed. My neighbor’s brown wood mulch [...]

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Feeding your vegetable garden 101

Vegetable plants need to be fertilized with a plant food because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth. Even if you start with great garden soil, as your plants grow, they absorb nutrients and leave the soil less fertile as nutrients are not replaced at the rate that they are [...]

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Rubber mulch is safe and can also keep your family safe

We have been speaking for years on the topic of playground safety as each year more than 200,000 children are taken to the emergency room as result of an accident or fall on the playground. Nearly 70 percent of these injuries are the result of falls, rather than equipment-related. In addition, recent studies have indicated [...]

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Conserve water…use rubber mulch!

Are we at risk of running out of water? For many, it is a rite of spring and summer to manicure our lawns to the point that they rival the turf of professional stadiums. Part of this process is to water, water and water even more. A recent report states that the average homeowner uses more than 20,000 gallons of water each year…just to water the lawn. Troubling? Yes, as the EPA has stated that 36 states could face a water shortage by 2013. In just three years more than 70% of the country could have restrictions placed on water usage.

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Is our water supply evaporating?

We need to do everything thing we can to conserve and reduce our water usage, so why not start with a small step and replace that worn out wood mulch with rubber mulch that will not waste this precious resource.

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The word "timber" can mean many things to different people. We at International Mulch Company have our own definition of timber…the Rubberific Timber.

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Fun with tires

At International Mulch Company we have created some rather unique products made from 100% recycled rubber. From our Rubberific Mulch that looks identical to wood mulch, to pavers, landscaping edging, swing mats and even tree rings. As the summer season is upon us we wanted to take the opportunity to have a bit of fun and see what others are making with old tires.

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