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“Buying green” has taken off in the past ten years and become a way of life for many of us. We are getting the message that this is our world and we need to change the way we live in it.

In the next five years hybrid cars will make up more than 5 percent of all cars sold. Wal-Mart plans to invest $500 million a year in energy-saving technologies. Consumers spend more than $130 billion dollars a year on environmentally-friendly products. Higher priced organic products are being sought out by shoppers, not cast aside. We will now spend ten times the price of a regular light bulb to install a compact fluorescent bulb that is energy efficient.

We can take simple steps, and everyone can do it.

One light bulb. Walk through your house and count how many you have. The number will be startling as the average house uses about 75. So how can one light bulb make a difference you ask? If every household in America changed just one of those 75 to a compact fluorescent we would save enough energy to power 1.5 million homes for a year.

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The Past
The Future

One tire. We have all seen a tire lying on the side of the road. Ten years ago that tire would have been buried in a landfill or cut up and burned. We knew there was a better way and are constantly coming up with new products that use this once discarded item. Nearly 5 million tires later we are still giving these treaded treasures a second life and will continue to do so knowing we are doing a small part to help the environment.

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The Past
The Future

Our goal is not to preach about how you should live your lives, but rather, offer some valuable insight, engage in a discussion and tell a few stories about topics that may be of interest to you.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and topics for future discussions and hope you enjoy our thoughts.

“How it all began”

Some people view life as a spectator, never taking a chance, or never chasing a dream. When I started my construction company a few decades ago I had enough money in the bank to buy tools – when the purchase was made, all I had was what was in my wallet. I took a chance and it turned out pretty well when all was said and done.

My wife had a chance meeting with the patent holder of a product called Rubberific while at a real estate class in St. Louis. When she arrived home we decided to head to Texas in a few weeks to visit a trade show where the product was being displayed to see what the reaction from the public was. I was literally amazed when I saw it…and so was everyone who walked by and visited the booth. It looked just like wood mulch, required little no maintenance and it was helping the environment. We showed the product to our family and made the decision to buy the licensing rights for the entire country in a matter of weeks.

We knew it wouldn’t be an overnight success as using Rubberific Mulch was a big step for homeowners – they were wired to a schedule to mulch in the spring and again in the fall. We knew that if we could just get the mulch in people’s hands, it would be in their yards the next week. Together with my wife and two sons we started to travel the country setting up shop at trade shows from Maine to Modesto and the response was the same everywhere we went – overwhelming.

Ten years ago when someone said the word “green” you knew they were talking about the color, not the cause, but that began to change as home and business owners started to see that this product could save them time and money, while giving otherwise discarded tires a second life.

Since we opened up our operation seven years ago, we are proud to say that we have recycled more than 75 million pounds of truck tires into various types of ground coverings, landscape timbers and tree rings. We pride ourselves on the many innovations we have come up with over the past seven years and continue to find new and exciting uses for recycled rubber tires. There are still hundreds of millions of tires in landfills around the country and each year we add another 290 million to the total, so we will keep mulching for years to come…so you don’t have to.