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One major metro has had enough with the lack of recycling efforts in its community. This is sort of a cheers and jeers moment for the residents of Buffalo.  With an active recycling program in place for the past 21 years, those that live there recycle only about 6.5 percent of all household waste – about one-fifth the national average.

Their council president is on record as saying “some people are just lazy, and that’s pitiful”.  So how are they addressing this lack of recycling?  Imposing fines for those that do not recycle that can range from $50 to $250.  Before anyone jumps out and says this is just another way for big government to get more cash in the coffers it should be noted that recycling in Buffalo is not an option, it is a law.

Another point to note is that Buffalo will actually save money by enforcing its recycling ordinance as when you dump a truck at a landfill it is not free, there is a fee.  With its lackluster recycling, Buffalo could save more than $500,000 a year in landfill fees if residents get on board and stop throwing away everything that crosses their path.  It seems pretty simple for residents as this is not a separate into a myriad of bins and then place them out at the curb – this is single stream recycling in a large 65-gallon tote.

What are your thoughts on fines for lack of recycling?