Everything Rubber Mulch

What you need to know about Rubber Mulch Benefits & Uses

Mulching Uses & Applications

Mulch is a ground cover material that is commonly spread as a top layer over soil. It is one of the most popular ground cover options when it comes to landscaping. While most people use mulch to beautify their outdoor space, what most people aren’t aware of is its many other benefits!

Mulch provides a top layer that helps protect and grow plants, provides a cushioned fall surface on playgrounds, and provides a durable surface for training courses.

With all of the different applications, how do you know which mulch is the best option for you? Recycled rubber mulch has been gaining in popularity over the years and for great reason. Let’s take a closer look into why rubber mulch stands out from other mulch materials.

Rubber Mulch Color Options

Common Mulch Applications
  • Playground Safety Surface

  • Residential Landscaping

  • Obstacle Course Safety Surfacing

  • Commercial Landscaping

  • Climbing Wall Safety Surfacing
  • Other Training Course Safety Surfacing