Installing splash blocks to your property is more important than most people realize to maintain its structural integrity. If you need a breakdown of why you should definitely not forgo installing them, here are the main reasons why splash blocks are essential for your home.

  • They carry the water away from the foundations of your home. When it rains, fast-flowing water comes from the downspouts. The strong current during a heavy storm cannot flow into the ground without something that helps channel the water in one direction. That’s what splash blocks are for: to help water flow in one direction and away from your property. This helps protect the house’s foundations from water, which if left unchecked can cause irreparable and costly damages.
  • They prevent mud stains on the walls. As the name implies, splash blocks prevent muddy water from splashing into the ground. If your property is surrounded by grass, your exterior walls might get stained when it rains and dirty water falls to the ground from the downspouts and splatters on the walls. To avoid this and keep your exterior walls, floors, and grass in perfect condition, it is best to redirect water away with the splash blocks.

As I was doing some research on the topic of water damage to homes and splash blocks I came across far too many references as to how to install them.  After making a few calls to local gutter installation companies I found out that many people install splash blocks backwards, meaning that the open end is against the house and not toward the area where you are trying to redirect the water away from your home.  I have included an image just so we are all on the same page as to how to install a splash block.

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