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We have all heard the saying that the bigger you are the harder you fall. I tend to disagree with this statement as isn’t it all about proportion, as well as frequency? My son is about 3 feet tall, and I am a bit over 6 feet tall. If he falls off a swing set that is about 2 feet high, math would tell me that since I am twice as tall, it would be like me falling off something that is 4 feet high – that would hurt, and hurt bad. Height aside, the real variable is frequency. Fortunately, I cannot remember the last time I took a good fall. You know the one that takes the wind out of you, or leaves your knees and hands a scraped memory of a downward tumble. My son is pretty good on his feet for his age, but I would need a calculator to determine just how many times he falls in any given day.

As adults we get sore…from just about everything. Imagine if you fell down a few dozen times a day how painful the next morning would be trying to roll out of bed. Our safety-conscious friends at International Mulch Company have come to the rescue and unveiled a new product that can help both the young and not so young, lessen bumps, bruises and sore muscles. Whether you use them under swings and slides, as an exercise floor or as a decorative pathway in the yard, Rubberific Mats have unrivaled longevity, versatility and functionality.

For the young ones it is recommended that these mats are placed at the base of slides or underneath swings in the playground. These areas are most prone to children kicking out protective mulch, and these durable mats can act as an extra barrier of protection for that inevitable next tumble or stumble during play time. Measuring 32” by 54” these two-inch thick mats are made from 100% recycled rubber, offering a bit of bounce for the older generation as well. Multiple mats are the perfect floor for the workout room or home gym. They also work great as an outdoor patio (covering that old and ugly concrete), or can be made into a gentle walkway through the backyard.

Safety, beauty, durability and made by the leaders of 100% recycled rubber products – sounds like a welcome mat indeed.