Rubber Mulch for Park Playgrounds

Espresso Black Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

The month of July is National Parks and Recreation Month! This month we’re paying an ode to the parks that make our time outdoors fun, joyous, and full of excitement. Unfortunately, an injury occurring on a park playground can put a stop to the fun right away. That’s why at GroundSmart Rubber Mulch, we’ve engineered the best rubber mulch surfacing material for parks that is cost-effective, low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly, and promotes child safety.

Rubber Mulch for Park Playgrounds V.S. Wood Mulch

Did you know that nearly 114,000 children in the U.S. go to emergency rooms every year due to falls on the safety surface at public playgrounds? Safety is a top concern when it comes to children on park playgrounds which is why playground safety always starts from the ground up!

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch can protect playground area falls from up to 16′ which is the highest in comparison to other ground materials such as wood chips that sits at only 10′ fall height protection. Rubber mulch has proven over and over again to provide the best fall protection for park playground surfaces.

Thanks to our industry leading fall height protection on playgrounds, GroundSmart Rubber Mulch is the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certified.

Rubber mulch for parks

Fall Height Protections by Surfacing Material

Compressed Loosed-Fill Surfacing Depth

Fall Height Protection

Material (Loose-Fill)

Safety Surfacing Compacted Depth

Up To 16 FT.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch


Up To 12 FT.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch


Up To 10 FT.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch


Up To 10 FT.

Wood Chips*


Up To 7 FT.

Wood Mulch (Non-CCA)*


Up To 5 FT.

Pea Gravel*


Up To 4 FT.



*CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook, Publication #325, Nov. 2010

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch Safety Certifications

GroundSmart™ Playground Rubber Mulch Certifications

More Safety, More Money, and Less Work

59% Savings over 12 Years with Rubber Mulch

When compared to wood mulch, rubber mulch gives you a piece of mind while giving your kids the freedom to play safely in park playgrounds!

Wood chips are known to easily deteriorate over a short amount of time due to weather. Wood mulch decomposes, hardens with moisture, and needs to be replaced every year. On top of its inability to withstand inclement weather, wood mulch can cause painful and irritating splinters if your child were to fall on the playground.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch lasts for years, does not blow or wash away, has a 12-year color lock guarantee, and does not rot! This allows you to keep more money in your pockets and use your extra time for enjoying the park with your loved ones. Because of all it’s great benefits, more cities are moving towards wood alternatives that are safer and more cost effective like rubber mulch.

GroundSmart™ Playground Rubber Mulch saves you 59% compared to Wood Chips/Wood Mulch

GroundSmart Has You Covered

When compared to other playground surfacing materials, rubber mulch is the best ground surface for park playgrounds. GroundSmart Rubber Mulch allows you to have peace of mind while giving your kids the freedom to play safely in park playgrounds. Now it’s time to get outside and enjoy National Parks and Recreation Month!

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