What if my child or dog eats rubber mulch?

We are often asked if rubber mulch is safe for dogs and children if it is accidentally eaten. GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch has been tested using the European toy test method EN 71-3 which determines if heavy and toxic metals will leach out of a product when exposed to stomach acid should a person or pet consume a [...]

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How should the ground be prepared before I install rubber mulch in a landscape?

New or Existing Landscapes: Landscape areas should be graded for proper drainage and comprised of a soil conducive for growing and maintaining healthy plant material. Landscape surface areas must be cleared of all grass, wood chips, rocks, stumps, gravel, or any other type of debris. Installation of a commercial grade geotextile landscape fabric is recommended [...]

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Is rubber mulch safe for use around plants?

Yes, rubber mulch is safe for use around plants in your landscaping. GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch is a leading producer of rubber mulch for landscaping, and has been used successfully by homeowners and businesses for years. Using rubber mulch in your landscaping is the healthier choice for plants because it: allows for water and nutrients to [...]

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Can rubber mulch be installed against foundations, buildings or wood structures?

Yes, unlike wood mulch that recommends avoiding use near foundations and wood structures, GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch can be used directly against a home or building foundation and wood structures. That’s because GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch does not attract or harbor termites, carpenter ants and other harmful wood destroying insects like wood mulch can.

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Does rubber mulch help prevent weeds?

Yes, GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch helps prevent weeds. Weeds can’t germinate and grow in rubber mulch like they can in wood mulch. For maximum weed protection, we recommend installing a geotextile or weed block fabric under GroundSmart™ Rubber Mulch or any groundcover material for that matter.

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